New design packaging for paper bag, cd holder,  bottle packaging, invitation card, cookies, jewelry and cosmetics

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16 Triangle box
Intriguing optical effect. ..
Rp 0
Accordion Paper Bag
Accordion Paper Bag, ideal for flat objects. ..
Rp 0
Arched Base Box
Unique oval arch on its base. ..
Rp 0
Cake Box
Designned for easy transport of cake.Can be opened from all 4 sides. Reinforced Handle. Include plas..
Rp 0
Candy Cone
Long Triangle box. Assembled quickly & without glue. ..
Rp 0
Christmast Tree Pack
Surprise box with unique Christmas tree patterns. ..
Rp 0
Cup Holder Structure
Simple packaging to carry paper cups. ..
Rp 0
Cupcake box
It can be stored folded. 3 pcs simple packaging. ..
Rp 0
Double Front Package
Interesting Double Front effect, foldable. ..
Rp 0
Flower Box
Flower Petal shape at the top box. Glued Finishing. ..
Rp 0
Foam box
Eva foam box, 1cm - 2 cm. ..
Rp 0
Giftbag with handle
Auto bottom lock with 1 side glue, for small gifts. ..
Rp 0
Heart Shaped Box
Self Assembly, no glue needed. ..
Rp 0
Hexagonal Pouch
Hexagonal Pouch, Bag with a surprise effect. ..
Rp 0
Noodle Box
Can be applied to contain food products with the appropriate paper material. Unique packaging for ap..
Rp 0